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The Ballroom

Back into the world of The Night's End Podcast and Jimmy Horrors takes us into the mind of a man who is a guest of honour at a ball. Slowly, he realises that something is not quite...


Jimmy Horrors takes us on the journey of a woman who is a passenger on a bus. Not at all the type of bus we are used to. Story was written by Jamie D. Munro

Last Night's Memory

In this episode, we enter the mind of a kidnapper and follow them as they battle within themselves on what to do with their victim. Story was written by Elizabeth Suggs.https://ww...

In the Blood

Struggling with the impending death of a loved one can drive a person to unusual and desperate measures. Story written by K.C. McIntosh @realkcmac


Jimmy Horrors takes us alongside a hapless dreamer as he wakes to a hellish nightmare, amid a macabre game where there can be no winners. Story written by David Court. www.davidjco...

The Storm

Alone for the night, a seventeen-year-old boy has the run of the house, while a thunderstorm rages outside. But an ominous looming presence disrupts his evening seemingly without p...

They Come Crawling

On a stormy night, Professor Donald Moore is greeted by two dangerous and mysterious men in his campus office. They are on the hunt for a stolen occult book and Donald is the only ...

Shadows Within Shadows

Staring into the dark took him to another world. His price of admission was the revelation of a terrifying secret about the nature of reality… Story written by Harris Coverley. Twi...

Character Driven

Whoever said a lack of imagination couldn’t be dangerous? A writer learns this the hard way. Story written by A.W. Gifford. Author website

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